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No New Posts Essential Information to Getting Started

Before you begin chatting and roleplaying, it is very important that you read each thread in this board. They will help you understand the site, answer some questions you may have had, and lay down the rules you need to follow.

10 10 Rules
by Jaimie
Apr 29, 2008 16:24:34 GMT -6

Out of Character

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No New Posts Introductions

If you're new to the site, this is where you can introduce yourself to the community. It is also where character biographies are located.

3,582 22,677
by Bramblekit
Feb 6, 2016 8:49:38 GMT -6
No New Posts General Board

You can discuss anything here.

Sub-boards: Games, RPG, Staff

11,680 176,597 What do you want to see from VWW in 2016?
by Sorin
Feb 3, 2016 10:51:08 GMT -6
No New Posts Help

Need help? This is where you can ask questions and read the FAQ!

870 4,597 Gathering...?
by Slate
Feb 2, 2016 9:38:22 GMT -6
No New Posts Art Sharing - 2 Viewing

If you're a fine artist of any sort, you can post your work for critique or take art requests in this board! Anyone looking to request an image can also come here instead of using copyrighted images from a search engine. Popular artists will be listed in the VWW artist directory.

4,403 44,824 Art request for Kestrel
by Kestrelkit
Feb 6, 2016 6:59:30 GMT -6
No New Posts Clubs

This is where you can talk with others who share your specific interests. Each club has its own sub-board, and anyone may suggest new clubs in the main club board.

Sub-boards: Spirit Guides, Debate, LGBTQ+, Anime & Manga, Writing, Gaming

676 2,943 I had to write a story, for english class.
by Spottedheart
Feb 1, 2016 21:29:42 GMT -6
No New Posts Contests

Once in a blue moon, the site staff will hold a contest for the community! This is where you can enter one if it's currently running, or just browse previous contests.

20 635 Contest 16: Advertisement Banner
by Drought
Jan 3, 2015 12:41:28 GMT -6
No New Posts Advertisements

This is the only place on VWW where advertisements are allowed. Please read the ad rules before posting! If you would like to affiliate, fill out the code in the designated affiliation thread. Guest Friendly.

Sub-boards: Link First, Link Back

420 934 Angels & Thieves: A Warriors RPG
by Uiido
Feb 4, 2016 2:43:32 GMT -6


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No New Posts IceClan - 1 Viewing

The cold and daunting mountain range is home to IceClan, a group of confident cats. They have a special talent for jumping - this allows them to navigate the territory with relative ease.

Leader: Wildstar
Deputy: Sunfish
Medicine Cats: Brightflame & Flamingthorn
Queens: Rowansky & Dappledleaf

Open For Joining

Sub-boards: Clan Territory, Leader's Den, Medicine Cats' Den, Elders' Den, Warriors' Den, Apprentices' Den, Nursery

13,245 220,792 Snowy days ahead - open
by Mintykit
Feb 5, 2016 19:43:26 GMT -6
No New Posts FireClan - 3 Viewing

The flat, grassy prairie is where FireClan, a group of proud cats, makes its home. They have a special talent for running - this lets them easily outpace prey and predators alike.

Leader: Darkstar
Deputy: Jackalfrost
Medicine Cats: Crowwing & Willowpool
Queens: Rainlight & Fawnskip

Open For Joining

Sub-boards: Clan Territory, Leader's Den, Medicine Cats' Den, Elders' Den, Warriors' Den, Apprentices' Den, Nursery

11,306 188,239 Seniors (private)
by Stormfrost
Feb 6, 2016 9:12:39 GMT -6
No New Posts TreeClan - 1 Viewing

The calm and airy forest is where the shrewd cats of TreeClan live. They have a special talent for climbing - this lets them prowl along the branches as if they were squirrels.

Leader: Spiderstar
Deputy: Arrowstrike
Medicine Cats: Liongrowl & Greyshade
Queens: Meadowlark & Sorrelpatch

Open For Joining

Sub-boards: Clan Territory, Leader's Den, Medicine Cats' Den, Elders' Den, Warriors' Den, Apprentices' Den, Nursery

9,521 131,128 The Night Holds Grudges (O)
by Kestrelkit
Feb 6, 2016 8:58:42 GMT -6
No New Posts RockClan - 1 Viewing

The rocky cliffs are where you can find RockClan, a group of tough cats. They have a special talent for digging - this lets them carve out new caves for their camp.

Leader: Cloverstar
Deputy: Flamepath
Medicine Cats: Gullcry & Anemonemist
Queens: Sandleaf & Brackensky

Open For Joining

Sub-boards: Clan Territory, Leader's Den, Medicine Cats' Den, Elders' Den, Warriors' Den, Apprentices' Den, Nursery

6,125 92,910 Task Patrol (P)
by Windswirl
Feb 5, 2016 20:06:48 GMT -6

Sacred Locations

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No New Posts Shared Clearing

Gatherings of all four Clans are held here at the full moon. The leaders usually perch among the branches of a large oak tree in the center, with deputies and medicine cats at the roots.

80 6,288 HALLOWEENIE GATHERING 2015 (spirits welcome)
by Cloverstar
Nov 5, 2015 17:24:29 GMT -6
No New Posts Shimmering Rocks

Medicine cats meet at this sacred stone hollow to share news, talk about remedies, and speak with their ancestors. Sometimes CloudClan shares prophecies or warnings at such times.

Sub-boards: CloudClan, Darkpool

356 5,463 November MedCat Meeting 2015
by Addervenom
Dec 9, 2015 9:19:35 GMT -6

Cats Outside the Clans

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No New Posts Canyon

The canyon is big, dry, and hot. It has little life outside the river that runs through it, however it does have a very significant fish population. The canyon separates the Clan territories from the non-Clan territories.

Sub-boards: Caves, The Great Tree

33 253 Solitude //PRIVATE//
by Wicker
Jan 31, 2016 19:14:21 GMT -6
No New Posts DeathClan

Just outside Twolegplace is a swampy evergreen forest where the pseudo-clan resides. They are rogues with a knack for violence, and many of them are only loyal to those who can prove their worth.

Leader: Drought
Second: Anarchy
Open For Joining

Sub-boards: Swamp, Main Clearing, Leader's Tree, River, Dens

2,168 39,062 Wanderings (O)
by Natalia
Feb 3, 2016 9:33:51 GMT -6
No New Posts Plains

Life is easy for those who live in this expansive grassland, since there's plenty of rodents to eat. Loners and some rogues are drawn to the area. There are a few groves of trees, though they are sparse.

Sub-boards: The Farm, Meadow

2,964 75,948 Gently my mind escapes - Wicker
by Wicker
Feb 4, 2016 18:00:24 GMT -6
No New Posts Twolegplace

A small town where many kittypets roam. Any wandering cats should steer clear of the Twolegs and take caution while crossing roads. The stray dogs have made feline chasing into their favorite hobby.

Sub-boards: Downtown, Park

759 15,142 Power in my pride // Open
by Slate
Jan 28, 2016 19:51:39 GMT -6

Other Animals

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No New Posts The Woodlands - 1 Viewing

A large forest surrounding a lake, far away from all of the cats. This area has an abundance of large prey animals such as deer. Its climate is usually pleasant but gets very cold during winter.

8,136 134,465 Not another l[o]st puppy
by Killer
Feb 5, 2016 11:49:28 GMT -6


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